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Creamy Egg Crepe on Rice (Khao Khai Khon ข้าวไข่ข้น)

Creamy Egg Crepe on Rice
A new friend whom I met during my most recent trip back to Bangkok was sitting on my lap as we were going through the first few pages of The Little Prince together. This was 4-year-old Jade’s first exposure to the French classic and her sparkling brown eyes were transfixed on the pages as I was reading off them. Soon we got to the famous part where the narrator recounts the time during his childhood when he drew a picture of a boa constrictor who had swallowed an elephant and how the adults all thought it was a drawing of a hat.

“Nuh-uh,” Jade closed her eyes, shaking her head slowly. “This is not a boa constrictor with an elephant in his tummy.”

“But, Jade, that’s what the narrator is telling us,” I said. “That was what he had in mind when he drew it.”

Jade turned around to look me in the eye. “He was kidding, Leela,” Jade uttered a faint sigh. “Don’t you see? That’s khao khai khon!” Continue Reading →

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Thai Red Curry from Scratch – Happy Songkran and How to Redeem Your Video Tutorial

Thai Red Curry from Scratch
Last month when I announced that my book, Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen, was available for preorder, I also told you that if you preordered the book by Thai New Year on April 13, you would get access to a video tutorial on how to make Thai red curry from the paste to the finished dish (chicken-Thai eggplant red curry, as shown here). Well, by the time you’re reading this the deadline will have passed and Songkran, Thai New Year (read about it while looking at panko-crusted fried baby bananas), will have already begun.

Three things, therefore:
1. Happy Thai New Year!
2. Thank you for buying my book — sight unseen to boot. Your support means a lot to me.
3. You can now begin the process of redeeming your gift by emailing your proof of purchase, to simplethaifoodbook@gmail.com before 5/13/2014 and I will ensure that you receive your access code by the time the book becomes available (you need the book in your hand for the video to make sense). Your proof of purchase can be anything that proves that you have preordered Simple Thai Food by April 13, 2014. It could be something as simple as a screenshot of your order confirmation (with sensitive information blacked out, if applicable).

By the way, please rest assured that your email address is safe. I’m not going to put you on any mailing list without you knowing about it, because that would be wrong and I have nothing to send to you anyway. I may decide to do e-newsletters in the future, but you will not receive them unless you opt in at that time. Any questions, please ask.

Thank you again, everyone. We should get back to our regular schedule of recipe postings shortly.

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Giveaway Winners and a Reminder

Several days ago, I announced that my book, Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen, had become available for preorder. To celebrate the launch of the book, I also teamed up with 5 companies who have generously given away their products to 7 different readers of SheSimmers. The responses were overwhelming, and I am sitting here all bubbling with joy and gratitude. If I had known how much happiness it would bring me to be able to offer freebies to my faithful readers, I would have done it more often in the past 5 years. Seriously.

This means that if you didn’t win anything in this round of giveaways, please don’t be discouraged. Now that I know how much fun this is, I’ll be giving away free things more often.

But for now, let’s get down to business. The winners have already been chosen by random.org and displayed in the widget embedded at the end of each post. They are as follows: Continue Reading →

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