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My Book – Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen

Simple Thai Food by Leela Punyaratabandhu
Remember when the Zealous Water Buffalo told you many months ago that I was writing a book? Well, it’s done. Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen won’t be available until around mid-May, but if you preorder it now, you will be among the first people to get it.

That’s not all, if you preorder the book now, you will be given access to a video tutorial on how to make red curry from scratch, from the homemade paste to the finished dish. I do not intend on making this video public on the blog or elsewhere, at least within the next year or so. So it will be available immediately to only the early birds among you and no one else. So, please be sure to keep the email confirmation from your bookseller of choice (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, iBooks, and Google Books) when you preorder.

You have until Thai New Year (April 13) to do so which is when I will tell you how to redeem your gift.

But first, let me tell you a bit about the book so you know what you’re investing in. In keeping with the theme of simplicity, I will sum up this book into one sentence. Continue Reading →

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Thai Grilled Sweet Sticky Rice with Banana Filling (ข้าวเหนียวปิ้งไส้กล้วย)

Thai Grilled Sticky Rice with Banana Filling
If you walk on the streets of Thailand and see these banana leaf packets on the grill with their contents inconspicuously concealed and their exteriors burned, charred, and sooty in random spots, I recommend that you overlook the questionable attractiveness of these little things and do what I do: lunge for them with all your might, squeeing while in mid-air.

Those who prefer a less dramatic, more dignified way of obtaining snacks on the streets — not that I understand any of you in the least — can just approach the vendor and politely ask her for a few of these grilled sweet sticky rice packets.

Either way, you end up with warm, delicious sticky rice scented with charred banana leaves, its aromatic and biodegradable wrappers. Khao niao ping comes both plain and with different fillings most common of which include ripe Thai burro bananas (the type commonly batter-fried or ordained) and sweet taro paste. Continue Reading →

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Turmeric-Roasted Fish (ปลาอบขมิ้น)

A friend called to tell me he’d come by to deliver something. Seeing as it was close to dinner time, I asked if he’d care to stay for some food. The invitation was bashfully and promptly declined. He didn’t want to impose. He would, I was assured, drop off a package and, having an important event to attend right after, skedaddle.

Moments later, the door bell rang as dinner was nearing completion. As it turned out, a few whiffs of an herb-laced fish roasting in the oven were all it took to derail someone’s plan. The visitor didn’t leave until this fish you see on the screen was stripped of its succulent flesh down to the bones. Continue Reading →

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