She Tees

Cause: Testing recipes for and running this site cost quite a bit of money. And — believe me — I make peanuts out of it.

Effect: I need to sell some t-shirts.

So?: Uh, please buy a t-shirt. Or two. That is, if you feel like it.

How: Please visit my SpreadShirt Store and browse through my t-shirt collection. If you are into wearing a t-shirt that says something like, “I Love Pad Thai” in Thai, you’re in for a treat. Past customers have reported that wearing these t-shirts to their local Thai restaurants has resulted in them being found extremely endearing and worthy of a hefty discount. One t-shirt wearer has been getting free Pad Thais since he started wearing it a couple of months ago.

By the way, all transactions are taken care of by the folks at SpreadShirt. I have no access to your name, address, or credit card information. I’ll never know who you are; nor do I have the means or the desire to find out. Well, that is unless you want to drop me a line and let me know you’re now a proud owner of my “I Love Pad Thai” t-shirt in which case I’ll be grateful.
What: There are two main designs. One is inspired by the phrase people often say to me once they find out I’m from Thailand: “I love Pad Thai!” Read the background story (and learn how to make Tom Yam from scratch) here. The other is inspired by Jing-Jok, beloved (?) house lizards that have lived under the same roof with the Thais for ages. If you love Jing-Jok, let the world know; wear “I Love Jing-Jok” t-shirt.