Grilled Octopus Cocktail with Sriracha-Jaew Sauce

No story this time. There’s nothing to tell you other than the fact that I think I might have just found the best cocktail sauce (or dipping sauce — whatever suits you) ever. This grilled octopus cocktail was made and consumed (in its entirety) less than 10 minutes ago.

Fresh octopus was anointed with some olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and pepper and grilled very quickly. While the octopus was on the grill, I made the sauce. It took me all of ten minutes from the time I threw a bag of fresh octopus into the sink to the time this cocktail was served. I then snapped a few pictures. Ate the whole thing. And felt compelled to tell you all about it when I should be doing the dishes.

If you have not made a batch of Jaew, please do. Then may I encourage you go to an Asian grocery store, specializing in Southeast Asian ingredients, and get a bottle of genuine Thai Sriracha? (I recommend Shark brand.) If you can’t find Thai Sriracha, you can use the American-made Rooster sauce with some honey added to it. Or better yet, make your own homemade Sriracha (according to the Thai tradition).

To make the sauce, mix together one part Jaew and one part Sriracha. If you have some fresh cilantro on hand, by all means, chop some up and mix it in. The sauce is then ready to accompany your choice of steamed or grilled fresh seafood.

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