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"… Thai food writer Leela Punyaratabandhu explores the food of her homeland in exquisite detail … We love any food blog that uses the words "vowel quality" and "unaspirated …" ~Beyond Food Porn: Why These 10 Cooking Blogs Are Better Than the Rest
She Simmers named Best Food Blog in the Regional Cuisine Category by SAVEUR Magazine
Leela named one of the seven writers in the Chicago Tribune's "Out of a Crowded Field, Seven Writers You Should Know"
"... Leela ... has made it her mission to demystify Thai food for an international readership, with clear instructions, vivacious culinary histories, and inspiring photography ..."
My Thai: Leela's weekly Thai cooking column on Serious Eats
"Literate, funny, beautifully photographed SheSimmers [...] is the most authoritative and engaging English online resource on one of Asia's most popular but misunderstood cuisines. [...] Punyaratabandhu, who divides most of her time between Chicago and her hometown, deftly employs the key aspects of memorable food writing—memory, history, cultural identity, technique, humor. Her interviews with foremost Thai chefs and food writers illustrate thorny philosophical debates on authenticity and innovation that would otherwise be lost on most Westerners. And her explorations of individual dishes—though not strictly limited to Thai—are at once meticulous and encouraging ..."
SheSimmers was chosen from over 40,000 food blogs worldwide as one of the finalists in SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards 2011.
"... her authentic recipes for popular dishes [...] finally pull back the curtain on the Thai kitchen.We love She Simmers because she teaches us things we never see in English-language cookbooks .."
Leela's articles on CNN Travel
ChicagoMag.com names SheSimmers one of Chicago good blogs.
Leela as the Zealous Water Buffalo, letting out her inner nerd for those who are interested in linguistics, philology, poetry, and intercultural communications. (Water buffalo is an indigenous Southeast Asian quadruped, unfairly used to portray bullheadedness and ineptitude.)