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Phanaeng Curry with Pork and Kabocha Squash

panang curry recipe

Growing up, I hated all tubers: taro, cassava, potato, yam, etc. And since cooked hard squashes have similar texture to cooked tubers, I avoided them as well. Funny how your taste changes over time. I now love all kinds of tubers and root vegetables including all hard squashes. Kabocha or buttercup squash is my top favorite. This particular type of squash has lower moisture content which means its flesh is firmer; it’s one of the winter squash or pumpkin varieties that are perfect for Thai cooking

This dish is one of the many dishes I was served quite often when I was growing up. I used to get yelled at for picking off the squash and eating only the meat. Even then, I knew it was the squash that made the dish more delicious; it imparts subtle natural sweetness to the curry and complements the pork very well.

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