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Baked Salmon in Lime-Coconut Cream Sauce (ปลาแซลมอนอบกะทิ)

Baked Salmon in Lime-Coconut Cream Sauce (ปลาแซลมอนอบกะทิ)
You see, I just posted something on the blog a couple of days ago, and I should have waited a few days to publish another post. Ideally, this post would have featured a recipe for something sweet — a dessert, perhaps — because I just posted a savory recipe. Also, since the last post was a seafood recipe, posting another seafood recipe right after could make it look like I’m seafood-bombing my readers. But since this blog is driven by very little forethought and a lot of giddiness, this is what you get.

I took this photo just seconds after I’d taken the fish out of the oven. Look closely and you may notice that the cream sauce was still bubbling. I had to tell you about this baked salmon. And I had to tell you now.

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Khanom Badin: Thai-Muslim Butter Cake (ขนมบดิน)

Here’s the plan: I’m going to shamelessly romanticize a cake in this post. I’m going to say that a cake is not always just a cake – as in the culmination of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar – but that a cake can be more than just a cake. I’m going to tell you about one particular cake and how it’s not just a cake but something meaningful enough to change someone’s direction in life. Then I’m going to turn around and tell you that this is a cake that, after all is said and done, is a delicious cake.

Please let me take you to a lesser known corner of Bangkok whence this cake comes while you’re trying to grasp the gibberish profundity that is the previous paragraph. Here, gimme your hand. You look a little discombobulated. Continue Reading →

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Durian Yogurt Cake

Have you had durian? No, not a durian smoothie or durian ice cream. Not previously-frozen-then-thawed-out-to-make-you-think-it’s-fresh durian from your local grocery store in the US either. I mean real durian — fresh as nature means it to be.

Anything but raw, fresh, never-been-frozen durian should never be considered a true representative of the king of fruits, if you ask me. I believe it’s the tasteless, mushy, previously-frozen durian that is largely responsible for turning off many who actually could have discovered how great this fruit really is. Even I, who love durian enough to make it my last meal on earth, can’t stand frozen durian half the time. But unless you live in Southeast Asia, good quality fresh durian just isn’t an option.

You just have to come to Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, here’s one way to make frozen durian more palatable. I personally do not like durian in any form except fresh, and when I use durian in desserts, I tend to go with the applications that allow you to retain as much as possible of the fruit’s original custard-like texture. Continue Reading →

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