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Spicy Fresh Tomato “Hell” Relish (น้ำพริกมะเขือเทศ)

…ffer a version of it in a small glass jar. (Look for the word narog on the label which is how these brands romanize the Thai word for hell. And don’t be confused if you see that they all call this condiment a chili paste even though there’s nothing pasty about it. Thai brands tend […]

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Salted or Fermented Soybean Paste Used in Modern Thai Cooking: เต้าเจี้ยว

…. The only brand I’ve used is Healthy Boy, but it’s mostly because I grew up with that little boy in red onesies holding a bottle on the label and it’s too late to break that bond now….

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Sample Recipes from Bangkok Cookbook

…acha—which means it is not the one with the green cap and a rooster on the label. Look for Shark brand or Sriraja Panich brand from Thailand. 4. Serve the omelet with rice. Like all rice accompaniments, it’s not meant to be eaten by itself. Rice Crackers with Pork-Shrimp-Coconut Dip 1. This is something that […]

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