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Sample Recipes from Bangkok Cookbook

…acha—which means it is not the one with the green cap and a rooster on the label. Look for Shark brand or Sriraja Panich brand from Thailand. 4. Serve the omelet with rice. Like all rice accompaniments, it’s not meant to be eaten by itself. Rice Crackers with Pork-Shrimp-Coconut Dip 1. This is something that […]

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Thai Green Mango Salad and How to Make Perfect Medium Boiled Eggs – ไข่ต้มยางมะตูมกับยํามะม่วง

…s right in the middle between soft-boiled and hard-boiled. The Thai people label eggs boiled to this exact degree of doneness “ไข่ต้มยางมะตูม” or “ไข่ยางมะตูม,” likening the consistency of the yolks to the viscous resin/gum of the bael fruit (the มะตูม in ไข่ยางมะตูม). On the outside, medium-boiled eggs look exactly like hard-boiled eggs; that is to […]

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Southern Thai Pork Rib Curry (แกงพริกกระดูกหมู)

…alled “jungle curry” I’ve included in Simple Thai Food that, as far as the Thais are concerned, is a full-fledged curry even though it has absolutely no coconut. This southern Thai curry is another one. It’s a pretty common dish from the south of Thailand where the food is often painted in broad strokes as […]

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