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Vinegar with Pickled Chilies (น้ำส้มพริกดอง)

Vinegar with Pickled Chilies
To allow you to season your noodles to taste, noodle shops in Thailand always provide a seasoning caddy containing different condiments which they deem appropriate for the types of noodles which they offer. This is because most noodle dishes in Thailand are seasoned moderately when they leave the cook’s hand — it’s intentional — so that you can season your meal further to suit your taste. Vinegar with pickled chilies is almost always among these condiments which the people in Thailand consider essential to their noodle experience. Continue Reading →

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Apricots in Iced Syrup (แอปริคอตลอยแก้ว): Making Thai Food in Lyon Part Three

Apricots in Iced Syrup
I’m still making Thai food in Lyon just for fun (I’m eating French food every day too, so don’t worry about me). After a simple mixed vegetable stir-fry and a duck curry, I’m turning France’s delicious fruits into a loy kaew (ลอยแก้ว RTGS: loi kaeo), a Thai iced dessert that I make all the time even in sub-zero weather.

What is great about loy kaew is the freedom it gives you in terms of your fruit of choice. In general, most fruits that are non-starchy, hold their shape well and don’t turn the syrup cloudy are good loy knew candidates. If they’re also sour or sweet and sour, that’s even better. The process is also easy: it’s just a matter of preparing the fruit (i.e. peel and pit/deseed it, if applicable, then cut it into bite-sized pieces) and cooking it very gently in a syrup infused with whatever strikes your fancy — most commonly jasmine or ylang-ylang flowers. Continue Reading →

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Lime-Honey-Lemongrass Slush

Lime_honey-Lemongrass Slush
We’re still very much in the middle of the Thai Grilled Chicken Series. So far we’ve got:
Part One – What? The Chicken Sauce Is More Famous Than the Chicken?: Introduction
Part Two – The Basics of Thai Grilled Chicken
Part Three – Mom’s Lemongrass Grilled Chicken
Part Four – Southern Thai Sweet-and-Sour Curry-Basted Grilled Chicken
Part Five – Smoked Soy-Honey-Rum Cornish Game Hens

But you’ve got to wash all those barbecued chickens down with something, right? Thai iced tea with lime is always great in the summer. However, I thought I would introduce to you the refreshing beverage from one of the restaurants in Bangkok which I frequent whenever I’m in town: Taling Pling’s lime-honey-lemongrass slush.

This is not the official recipe from the restaurant. This is my own recipe which leads to a similar end product.

Note: Our tastes may be different and the limes in your area may taste different from the limes in my area, so be sure to adjust the amount of honey and lime juice to taste. This recipe is highly customizable. Continue Reading →

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